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Owning you own LED sign is a great form of advertising.  The cost of running the sign is usually a lot less than what you would spend on newspaper or radio advertising.  You can also change the message at any time.  We offer a complete line-up of full color and monochrome displays.  Turn-key solutions from planning, to design and installation are done in-house.  You can contact us at any step in your project.


Many of our signs come with an industry leading 5 year limited parts warranty and our phones answer 24/7.


When purchasing an LED sign, here are some of the specs. you will want to take into consideration:

Pitch:  The pitch of an LED sign is the distance between each pixel. If the specifications of a sign you are buying state that the Pitch (or resolution) is 18mm Ė this means there are 18 millimeters from the center of one pixel to the next. The smaller the pitch the more LEDs per square-foot which means the resolution will be higher.  A smaller number for the pitch means a "clearer image".

Matrix:  An LED displayís matrix represents how many pixels on the display. A display with a matrix resolution of 50 (h) by 90 (w) means it has 50 pixels from top to bottom and 90 from left to right. A higher matrix on your LED sign will give you more lines of text, more characters per line, and better video & images.

Pixel:  A pixel is a cluster of 1 or more LEDís. Monochrome and Gray-scale LED sign pixels have 1 or more LEDís of either red or amber while full color pixels feature red, green and blue LEDís. More LEDís per pixel will produce higher quality pictures, animations and text.
LED Sign    LED sign

LED Sign  LED Sign

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